Nigerians are set to experience banking like it’s never been done before. Meet ALAT, the latest fully digital bank set to disrupt Nigeria’s banking sector.

With ALAT, every transaction, from opening an account to scheduling payments, is done from your mobile device; no need for branch visits. Download the app from Google Play or iOS App Store, or visit and you’re ready to go!

ALAT is supported by Wema Bank, a financial institution redefining itself as the leading bank for disruptive digital innovations.


  • Open an ALAT account from your phone within minutes with your phone number and BVN. No paperwork needed, just take pictures of your documents and upload.
  • Set up an automated savings plan with 10% annual interest rate
  • Fund your account from a Wema Bank account or any local or foreign bank card
  • Schedule transfers and recurring bill payments
  • Receive your bank card anywhere in Nigeria in 2 days
  • Control your card from your phone; lock or unlock it, and choose where you want it to work.

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